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I found you at least

Nincs nagyon mivel frisselnem, legalábbis nem magyarul. A múltkori angolul írás kicsit megborította az írókámat, és most nyelvzavarban van az agyam (vagy nm tudom, fogjuk a sulira). Vagy szimplán nem tudok írni. Szóval felrakom ide is a múltkor írt omegaverse ficet, amiről itt fejtettem ki, hogy született. Meg majd lesz még fic a témában (már ha épp nem sírok, hogy mennyire bénábban írok angolul, mivel ugye nem vagyok belőle annyira jó). És fordítom az Ígéreteket angolra (majd az is felkerül), az első harmada már kész is, azért holnap szeretnék a másodikkal is haladni, mert egy csomóan feliratkoztak rá, ráadásul még anyanyelvi bétát is sikerült fognom. Mondjuk Celdria nélkül sehol se lennék, mert ő angolosítja a szöveget (komolyan, mi az a helyes szórend, finom??), amit én megerőszakoltam fordítás címén, szóval ezer hálám üldözi.

One time when Viktor invites Yuuri in his nest and he flees, and one time when they are already in a relationship and they spend Viktor’s heat together.
Or: Viktor likes nesting and stealing his boyfriend’s clothes.


Yuuri isn’t really surprised to find out Viktor is an omega – somehow, deep down he feels like he has always known. Fans always liked to speculate and some skaters simply didn’t have any secrets regarding their secondary genders. Like Chris. However it had its own disadvantages such as a lot of people said they don’t want to see him seducing the whole rink with his omega pheromones.

Well, Viktor has always liked to surprise his audience.

Slowly, summer comes to Hasetsu as Viktor is already there for three month, and Yuuri can’t really believe his luck that he can spend all his time with him. When the weather allows it, they spend a part of the day on the beach, talking about anything and everything and playing with Makkachin as the sun bleaches Viktor’s hair even more lighter and brings out his freckles all over his face and shoulders. His freckles are just one of the new things from many that Yuuri have learnt about him that summer – just like he is indeed an omega and he needs to have a heat while staying in Hasetsu.

Moreover he tells that fact so casually that Yuuri chokes on his water and he coughs for a few minutes.

“Sorry, is there something wrong about it? Like a taboo?” Viktor asks a bit confused as he sees Yuuri getting red like a tomato. “I planned to have it in Saint-Petersburg but I… wasn’t really in a condition to do it.”

Yuuri, of course, understands it – after a long, hard and gruelling season it wouldn’t be wise to have a heat, as he have heard from the few omegas he knows.

(He understands it much later that Viktor mentally wasn’t alright that time.)

Viktor misreads his silence, carrying on his train of thought. “Of course, I can find an other place to stay if…”

“No, it’s not a problem!” Yuuri explains immediately, overcoming with his embarrassment. He definitely doesn’t want Viktor to stay alone in a hotel, in an unknown environment where he doesn’t have anyone to speak with, it would be probably too uncomfortable for Viktor. “You can stay at our place, you are our guest.”

You are my friend, he wants to say but the phrasing from earlier seems to be more fitting for the situation.

Viktor smiles at him brightly. “Really? Thank you, Yuuri!”

Yuuri can feel the usual flutter in his chest as Viktor trust him so much that he tells him his secrets but then he remembers that they are friends so it shouldn’t be so surprising. However, now he can get the illusion of being someone special for Viktor because that’s not something what a casual fan would know about him.

The looks of his family are however a bit annoying as they are already assuming from the beginning that they are together. Yuuri was scandalized at first because Viktor is his coach but then he have learnt to ignore the knowing looks, tired of negation.

“It’s not like I will spend it with him,” he declares, because even if nobody said anything like that out loud, it seems like they are excepting it.

“Whatever,” answers Mari, grinning as she lights a strong cigarette. When Yuuri was a kid, he often wondered how the hot ash didn’t fall on Mari’s hand when she is asking stupid questions or giving him this annoyingly knowing look. Fortunately, Viktor doesn’t understand anything of their conversation in Japanese and just accepts Hiroko’s hug and tea.


Pre-heat Viktor is almost as fun as normal Viktor, only with more criticism and moodiness which gives Yuuri particularly tough practise sessions.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a lame attempt of Eros,” he says and although Yuuri knows he didn’t want to be rude just painfully honest, it hurts. Rudeness is what Yurio does, Viktor usually gives him only criticism. “Did you even pay attention to what I was trying to teach you?”

Yuuri obviously paid attention, that’s what he always does when Viktor is around, maybe a bit too much. But he is also frustrated because it’s easy to be seductive when someone is Viktor Nikiforov and he’s not just playing the most beautiful omega in town – because he is. And he is so much more than Yuuri could ever want. Viktor flawlessly shows him the Eros routine again, even though his strong cramps he claims to have. Yuuri inquired earlier about how it feels like and if it’s okay for him to be here. Viktor explained him that it feels like if someone reached inside him to twist the organs in his lower abdomen without mercy. Yuuko told him the same thing about menstruation cramps once in high school when the boys kept asking that why she doesn’t do any sports when she’s on her period.

Viktor also told him that usually he doesn’t want to have sex when he’s in pre-heat, so the rumours about the horny pre-heat omegas aren’t true at all, and that was when Yuuri fled from the conversation.

Well, Viktor can pull off even with cramps and pain the Eros routine like it was just a morning run. Yuuri knows he could never be on his level because Viktor is beyond his reach and dreams.

Yuuri is in a really bad mood at the end of the day when he finally gets free, and all he wants to do is to sink in the fresh hot water of the onsen and never come out. The soreness in his limbs slowly eases as he soaks there after the closing hours when he can be alone there, not thinking about anything.

And then Viktor steps in with all his nakedness, and Yuuri is happy he doesn’t have his glasses on because it was so hard not to stare at him and want him. He wanted him long before he had known he’s an omega and now this want is even worse.

Is he really that shallow?

Now Viktor has a sweet and warm scent like the fresh wild flowers he likes to pick on the field when they walk Makkachin, and Yuuri sometimes catches himself sniffing.

He should be ashamed. Viktor is his coach and friend, he trusted him with his secret and that he won’t turn into a knothead alpha.

Yuuri sinks lower in the water, hugging his knees before him to not feel too exposed. Viktor notices how uncomfortable he is because he didn’t push his limits to sit too close to Yuuri.

There is one thing Yuuri learnt already in the first day with Viktor: he hates silence and when they have nothing to talk about.

“Sorry about today. I was way too harsh with you.”

“It’s fine, you were right,” Yuuri sighs, staring stubbornly forward on his knees. “My Eros sucks.”

“No, that’s not what I meant! I really like your Eros, it’s unique.”

“Stop teasing,” Yuuri wants to growl but he never really does that, not even when Phichit once stole his food from the fridge after a long day of training and he had nothing to eat.

“I’m not teasing you. You need to have more confidence to be successful in sports. And I can see the Eros in you.”

Yuuri fails when he looks at Viktor. Viktor doesn’t need to do anything to seduce anyone – everyone in already smitten just from his appearance. Yuuri huffs, then out of nowhere Viktor starts to splash water at him like they were just playing kids.

“That’s some teasing.”

And suddenly, Yuuri feels the irresistible urge to play along, and he can’t really figure out what are they doing until someone comes out to check on them because they are screaming and laughing so much, leaning too close to each other.

This is what an omega normally does only just with their alpha, a part of the seducing. It is considered impolite when they aren’t each other’s mates. Yuuri blushes deeply and excuses himself to leave.

On the next morning, there is that awkward silence between them again, and Yuuri tries to remember what made Yuuko to feel better when she had cramps and mood swings.


Yuuri sneaks out when they are having a lunch break to buy some he knows Viktor likes. He approaches his coach after practice in the afternoon but when he opens his mouth to speak, he notices the very same kind of chocolate in Viktor’s hand.

He is such an idiot. Someone was faster or he have already bought some himself. But he doesn’t want that Viktor would think he eats this when he should be on diet.

“I bought this for you,” he offers awkwardly with shaking hands as he is rewarded with Viktor’s sweet heart-shaped smile when he giggles.

“I have something for you too,” he exclaims excitedly, offering the bar of chocolate he has in his hand. As they exchange them, Viktor’s hand brushes to his fingers.

“But why? I shouldn’t even eat this.” He knows once he begins he couldn’t eat just one piece, he has to eat the whole chocolate.

“Look, Yuuri,” a blush starts to appear on Viktor’s cheeks. “I have been a bad coach lately, letting my moodiness to take control… you deserve this for tolerating me in this condition. Think of this as a reward. You’re a wonderful student that any coach would wish for and my friend too. Actually, one of my best friends.”

Yuuri feels his head spin. How did they come this far that Viktor thinks about him as one of his best friends? What has he done to deserve him?

“We could… share?” he offers so they sit down on the bench, munching on the sweets until the Nishigoris come to check on the rink. They give the rest of their chocolates to the triplets and now at least pre-heat Viktor doesn’t seem to hate him at all.


Lately, it looks like there is so much laundry to do in the onsen that Yuuri doesn’t get back anything he throws in the laundry basket. Mari shrugs when he asks her about it, saying she isn’t responsible of the laundry that week.

He hasn’t seen Viktor that day either and Yuuri wonders if his heat has already began. But he could smell it then, couldn’t he?

Viktor left him a plan about what to do when he is not available so Yuuri trains like Viktor wrote it down earlier and tries not to think much about what Viktor is like in heat but it is really difficult. That’s like if his teenager fantasies came alive and he can’t concentrate at all.

When he is at home again, Yuuri still can’t smell anything, and as he speaks with his mother, she gives him a lot of freshly washed blankets.

“Can you please take these to Vicchan? He is in his room.”

“Is he already…?” but he can’t bring himself to finish the question.

“No, he said his heat comes probably in the next day.”

Yuuri knocks on the door, and Viktor sounds completely normal when he gives Yuuri an entrance. Yuuri closes the door before he turns around to see Viktor curled up in an almost finished nest. Viktor blinks at him then shines from joy from seeing what he brought for him beside himself and climbs out of his nest. Fortunately, he still has the inn’s loose robes on. He takes the offer and puts them on the end of the bed.

“Did you scent them?” he asks casually, and Yuuri’s jaw drops. Is it an acceptable thing to do in Russia between friends?


“Oh.” Somehow, Viktor doesn’t seem to be as impressed by the new blankets now as he goes back in his nest. He already looks tired after nearly a week of cramps and his heat is not even here yet.

“Do you need anything? To make you feel better?”

Viktor thinks for a moment. “Actually… yes.”


“Cuddle with me.”

Yuuri stares at him with wide eyes as Viktor lays there so openly and vulnerable, and maybe this is their most uncomfortable silence ever. Yuuri’s mouth is so dry he can’t really form a word. Then Viktor sighs.

“Forget it I crossed a line.”

“No, no, I’m just surprised!” he blurts out, hopefully without a shaking voice. Viktor smiles at him as he lifts the blanket he is under, inviting. Yuuri takes a long, calming breath then approaches the nest carefully.

Based on what he have heard about omegas and their habits, Viktor should feel uncomfortable and unsafe with a new alpha in his bed unless… unless he considers that alpha as the mate he wants to seduce.

Yuuri takes a sharp and shaking breath, inhaling Viktor’s pheromones as the other man pulls him close, wrapping him in his blanket, sharing his body heat. This is like a teenage fantasy came true.

It is too beautiful to be true.

Viktor smiles happily as he nuzzles Yuuri’s neck, searching for his scent gland. Yuuri lets himself to be enchanted. He would let Viktor to do anything now that he is in his embrace, purring quietly.

Wait, when had Viktor began purring?

Anxiety creeps up in Yuuri’s bones, banishing the sweet and warm feeling from earlier. Viktor is just reacting to his alpha pheromones. Yes, maybe Viktor wants him but just because he is an alpha and not for Yuuri himself. Viktor feels him growing stiff in his arms, and Yuuri can smell his soothing scent he sometimes used on him in practice when Yuuri became too anxious.

“It’s alright, Yuuri,” Viktor mutters. “You haven’t shared any nest before, have you?”

All Yuuri can do is to shake his head. For a minute, he panics that Viktor will ask to share his heat too. It’s not that he wouldn’t want something like that but he is not ready, especially when he knows, Viktor could have anyone he wanted and that he is probably just reacting to his pheromones. He shouldn’t have stepped in the room in the first place at all.

Viktor doesn’t ask though and Yuuri feels grateful for that. He can’t think of any acceptable form of rejection which wouldn’t upset an omega before a heat.

Slowly, Yuuri relaxes in Viktor’s arms and he has to admit that it is a really nice feeling to lay with his friend and being wrapped up in the blankets. He runs his fingers through Viktor’s silky hair which he admires even in short while Viktor is dozing off.

After a while, their position starts to get too uncomfortable as he doesn’t know how to move to not disturb Viktor in his sleep. Yuuri doesn’t want to wake him up as he tries to leave the nest unperceived but he knows he failed when Viktor catches his arm.

“Are you leaving already?” he asks but let him go as Yuuri nods in response.

“It… it doesn’t seem right for me to be here.”

Viktor nods. “Okay, I understand.”

“But it was really nice to be here!” he adds, hopefully not too eager. Viktor opens his arms.

“A last hug?”

Yuuri knows it’s not really a proper hug – the angle is awkward as they cling to each other, not wanting to be the first to let go. Viktor strokes his shoulders affectionately as they part. But when Viktor leans in to close the gap between their faces, Yuuri turns his head away in the last minute, and Viktor’s kiss lands on his cheek.

He simply flees after that.


“So tell me again… you ran off because Viktor kissed your cheek?”

Yuuri groans. If Minako says it that way, it sounds even worse.

“In his nest.”

“In his nest.” Yuuri sees how hard Minako is trying to hold back her laughter. “I love you, Yuuri, but you can be such an idiot.”

Yuuri huffs in acknowledgement although he feels a bit offended. “Yeah, I shouldn’t have stayed in his nest. I shouldn’t have been there at all.”

“He wanted you there,” Minako points out as she pours themselves two glass of wine. “I’m not sure you really understand what does that mean.”

Here’s what happened: after that small peck on his check Viktor went back in his nest, leaving Yuuri confused, restless and wanting. He couldn’t sleep at all now that he was earlier in Viktor’s warm and cosy nest, as Viktor purred and hugged him, knowing his old erotic teenage fantasy will be there living. Yuuri knows that realistically Viktor only longs for his alpha pheromones and that Yuuri should be really ashamed if that would be the only reason they sleep together.

So after that, Yuuri packed some clothes he could find and headed to Minako’s place hoping she would let him stay for a few days. He couldn’t find any of his own sweaters so now he wears Viktor’s clothes which are a bit long on him but they are also surprising comforting. Although the sweater is freshly washed, it still had Viktor’s faint scent on it.

Of course, Minako notices this too. “Care to tell me why you are in Viktor’s clothes?”

“I couldn’t find mine…”

“So it is all in his nest.”


Minako gives him an unimpressed glare. “Where other place could they be?”

Yuuri doesn’t answer just takes one of the glasses filled with wine. If Minako wants to talk about this, he’ll need more alcohol in his system. He can’t have this conversation sober.


Yuuri tries to focus hard on his training so he won’t think about Viktor’s condition. But it’s hard even if he is at Minako’s place now and there is none from Viktor’s scent. His mother tells him on the phone that Viktor is alright and they make sure that he drinks enough and nobody sneaks in his room without Viktor’s permission. He feels a bit guilty because Viktor is his guest and his friend, therefore he should be the one who takes care of him.

When he arrives home, he meets Viktor in the dining room as he eats a large bowl of food at the table. Yuuri can feel himself to blush even now when Viktor is not that attractive with the dark circles under his eyes and that he barely can stay awake to eat. Despite of this, his eyes lightens up as he notices Yuuri and waves at him.

“Yuuri! It’s good to see you again!”

Yuuri doesn’t have much choice but to sit down at the table. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, just a bit tired… and you? Did the training go well while I wasn’t there?”

It isn’t hard to tell how desperate Yuuri felt without Viktor’s presence.

“Yeah, it was okay, Minako was with me at the rink.”

But it was not the same he wants to add, biting down on his tongue. Viktor doesn’t need this nonsense that Yuuri can’t really train without him already.

Viktor slowly chews on his food then he puts his chopsticks down. “I… I want to say sorry for my previous behaviour. It was really unprofessional of me.”

Yuuri blushes deeply. “It’s no problem we are friends after all.”

“And I’ll give your clothes back too once they are washed. It was very reckless of me to use them for my nest without your permission.”

“But why did you…?”

Viktor takes his hand, stroking the back of them gently with his thumb.

“Isn’t obvious?”

Yuuri’s mouth goes so dry that he barely can form a whine. Fortunately, some customers come in the dining room, so Viktor lets go of him while mumbling a soft sorry.

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