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I found you at least 3.

Ahogy az angol összefoglalóban mondtam: ez csak úgy megtörtént, úgymond kimaradt jelenet az eredeti ficből. 
Korhatáros. Nagyon. 


Yuuri have noticed many things about Viktor when he moved in with him in Saint Petersburg.

Like Viktor had a lot of books – so many they didn’t fit on the bookshelves anymore, so Viktor stored them in piles on random points of the apartment. He even cleared a shelf for Yuuri, and Yuuri was really embarrassed to admit he didn’t take that many books with him as it would have been really expensive to transport all of them to Russia.

It wasn’t like Yuuri didn’t like to read – it just wasn’t his most main hobby. But Viktor didn’t seem to mind it when they sat together, Yuuri’s head resting on his lap as he took a nap after a long day of training while Viktor was reading, softly caressing Yuuri’s hair with his fingers. Sometimes when Viktor arrived home before him, Yuuri found him on the couch with Makkachin, a book or newspaper in his hands and his long pale neck just looked so good that Yuuri had to sneak up on him to plant kisses on his beautiful and tasty skin right above where the bonding mark would go.

Yuuri haven’t really taken notice of what he does; he just did what felt right. Maybe it was a strong and deep instinct, wanting to assure the omega he does want to bond and claim him fully. Viktor was really responsive to it as he let the alpha to have his way with him, even tilting his head to the side so Yuuri had better access to that really sensitive and defenceless area, letting himself completely exposed to Yuuri, trusting in him that he would take care of him.

On that day too, Yuuri dropped himself on Viktor, burying his nose into the neck of the omega, nibbling gently on his skin. He felt Viktor’s breathing and heartbeat quickening as he let unconsciously some of his pheromones in the air. Viktor grabbed his hand, tilting his head to the side almost in a submissive gesture back on Yuuri’s shoulder. Viktor sighed softly, almost whining.

“Yuuri… do you want to talk about it?” he breathed in his ear.

“About what?” he asked, as he was still a bit dull from the pheromones.

“About how you probably want to bond me?”

Yuuri froze and immediately stopped pressing his nose and mouth to his neck.

“I… I’m sorry I didn’t realized what I was doing.” Yuuri let go of Viktor, not wanting to pressure him but Viktor held on to him, gently pulling him so he got around the couch. Viktor drew him in his lap, hugging his waist gently.

“I haven’t said it’s a problem,” Viktor exclaimed quickly. “It feels great when you’re nibbling my neck. Actually… I wanted to ask for quite a while… if you want to bond with me. Someday in the future. It doesn’t have to be immediately but…”

Yuuri’s brain went blank and his mouth dried as he was trying to pay attention to what Viktor was saying but he was failing miserably as he imagined how it would feel like to be bonded with Viktor. Viktor traced his fingers on Yuuri’s neck and his thumb stayed where his bonding gland was. Yuuri forgot how to breathe for a moment. Did that mean…?

“I would give you a mark too if you allow me. I don’t know how it usually is in Japan but…”

“Yes,” Yuuri replied heatedly, throwing his arms around Viktor, squeezing their bodies together. “You can do it whenever you want to.”

“Wow,” Viktor breathed almost laughing for joy. “Then whenever it feels right? You have the permission to do it without asking.”

Yuuri blushed really hard as he buried his face in Viktor’s shoulder, murmuring a soft thank you. Viktor shivered under him as Yuuri sucked teasingly on his bonding spot just an imagination what it will feel like when they’ll bond and Viktor moaned happily.

“Why aren’t we doing this more often?”


They found out the answer to that question the next day when Yurio asked what the hell Yuuri did to Viktor that Viktor’s neck was red all over and his scent glands were swollen. Viktor smiled softly as he tried to give Yuri an explanation of biology which was hilarious and embarrassing at the same time and sent Mila laughing so hard she couldn’t skate for at least ten minutes because she began burbling with laugher as soon as she saw them.

On the other hand Yakov wasn’t that impressed.

“Vitya, you should put all this energy in your skating or Katsuki will outrun you soon.”

“I’m probably late with that talk anyway,” he shrugged.

“I don’t want to hear anything about it while training, understood?”

Viktor didn’t really seem to care as he continued to tease Yuri whenever he was near enough to hear him.

“Have you seen his face?” Viktor laughed as they arrived home. “He was so furious.”

“You are such a big child,” Yuuri smiled forgivingly. Although their fans liked to state that Viktor was like a father figure to Yurio, he knew it was more like Viktor was the nerve-racking older brother and Yurio the hysterical younger who needed to learn how to handle his temper and to recognise when someone was joking and mocking with him on purpose. “You did it because you knew it would make Yurio upset.”

“Maybe?” Viktor kind of admitted it. “But would a child do this to you?” He grabbed his waist, spinning him around, pressing his chest to Yuuri’s back as he quickly found the alpha’s bonding spot and sucked on it until Yuuri gasped for air with weak knees.

Yuuri felt like his body was made from jelly and that wasn’t from the exhausting training. Viktor’s erection pressed to his back and his whole body was so invitingly warm that Yuuri wanted to melt into it but he was too tired from the practice to do more than cuddling. He squeezed Viktor’s hand then escaped from the hug gently, turning around and caressing his omega’s face with his fingertips.

“Sorry, I’m too tired to do more. I fear I would fell asleep during it.”

Viktor pouted. “Am I that boring?”

“Never,” said Yuuri, giving him a peck on his lips.

“So am I alone to take Makkachin for a walk?”

“Well… yes? But I can make dinner.”

In the end he didn’t make any dinner because he found some leftovers in the fridge which just needed some heating. They ate together on the couch after Viktor came back, then Yuuri took a nice long shower and practically fell in the bed, falling asleep as soon as his face hit the pillow. He didn’t even know when Viktor came to bed to cuddle with him.


Waking up with an erection wasn’t a surprise for Yuuri but as he rolled over to Viktor’s side to have his morning kisses, he found his omega’s spot already empty and cold. He could still smell a soft fruity scent of him lingering in the air which didn’t really help his condition.

It should be really late if Viktor left their bed without waiting him to wake up.

He heard the shower running and an idea came to him. Maybe he could make up for yesterday evening when he was too tired for some intimacy. He sneaked to the bathroom and waited till he didn’t heard the shower running anymore and Viktor emerged from the cabin. When he stepped to the mirror to brush his teeth, Yuuri could perfectly see from that angle see his beautiful marble-like skin, his broad back and his pale neck still covered with a bit redness from their latest action when they spoke about bonding. Yuuri felt his face warming up. Viktor could have cover them but he wear them proudly. It was still so unbelievable they have spoken about bonding… and that Viktor does want him that way.

Yuuri sneaked in the bathroom and hugged Viktor’s waist from behind, pressing his blushing face between his shoulder blades.

Dobroye utro,” he whispered in the warm skin.

Ohayou.” He heard on Viktor’s voice that he was smiling. “Did you sleep well, Sleeping Beauty?”

Yuuri found himself giggling because of the nickname. If somebody was a Sleeping Beauty, it was Viktor not Yuuri, whose hair tended to change into a bird’s nest once his head hit the pillow.

“I don’t know… did you sleep well?” he asked, and Viktor snorted as he pushed back his hips to grind his ass to Yuuri.

“Yuuuuri, learn to accept my complements! It’s not really polite to turn them back.”

Yuuri’s grip on Viktor’s waist hardened as he pressed himself even more to Viktor’s firm body. He missed his body’s heat when he woke up alone and his erection missed him too as Viktor could also feel it.

“Do you want to make up to me for yesterday?” Viktor whispered with a low voice.

“Should I?”

There was a moment of silence as they stared heatedly in each other’s eyes trough the mirror then Viktor turned around swiftly, wrapping his arms tightly around his neck, kissing him surprisingly roughly. Yuuri moaned as he gave in completely, trying to walk them into the bedroom. As they stumbled in, Viktor fell on the bed surprisingly fast with Yuuri climbing on him. He leant above Viktor on his elbows, rubbing their noses together before kissing him again.

“How do you want it?” Yuuri asked between heated kisses as he was already tearing down the towel which covered his mate. Viktor spread his legs invitingly, pulling Yuuri between his muscular thighs.

“Fast and rough.”

In normal circumstances Yuuri would have opposed to it but somehow he missed the way they did it sometimes when the season haven’t begun yet. And they had a free day that day so Viktor would probably have enough time to recover from it. Not that he intended to hurt him on purpose but they could really get carried away sometimes.

Yuuri did as Viktor requested, fishing out quickly the lube and the condom from the nightstand and kissing Viktor’s various parts as he stretched him with careful and gentle fingers. Viktor whined something about speed but Yuuri ignored him, knowing that male omegas’ bodies worked outside the heat the same way as any other men’s do. And he had a feeling he would knot him if Viktor continued to be so demanding and instable. They needed to be careful.

Eventually, Viktor sighed happily when Yuuri was inside of him, wrapping his limbs around his alpha, pulling him close. “Finally.”

“Shh, you’ll be thankful later.”

“Yeah, yeah, just move already.”

The first thrusts were a bit experimenting as Yuuri searched for the right angle but when he found it he forgot his usual gentleness, grabbing the board of the bed as he pounded in him with fastening pace. Viktor made obscene noises under him which he would have been embarrassed of if he didn’t knew the neighbours are probably not home anyway so it didn’t matter how vocal they were. And Viktor was loud, especially when he was on bottom.

After a while Yuuri grabbed Viktor’s cock but he didn’t need to touch it: he came long before and Yuuri stopped moving as Viktor pulled him close. Yuuri panted in the pillow, holding him close when he felt Viktor licking on his neck. He tilted his head to the side on instinct, slightly thrusting his hips again against Viktor. Yuuri wanted to draw apart from him a bit so he could move faster again but Viktor clutched on him tightly, wrapping even his legs around him and then Yuuri felt sharp teeth on his skin…

And Viktor bit into the bonding spot and the pain stopped Yuuri from struggling as his body tried to process what was happening. His omega bonded him and his body screamed to bite him back, claim him so he knows to who he belongs to now as Yuuri belonged now to Viktor. But he waited with racing heart and quickening breath. He didn’t know how long it takes and Viktor didn’t let go of him as he deepened the bite, and after a moment Yuuri felt the first time his omega’s pheromones rushing through his blood, inside his body and it calmed him, helping him to ease the pain from the bite. Finally, Viktor let go of him, licking the wound and Yuuri could lift himself off of him, leaning on his elbows beside Viktor’s chest, his penis still buried in his omega. Viktor touched his face with trembling fingers and Yuuri leaned into the touch.

“Was it okay? I couldn’t forget doing this since we spoke about it…”

Yuuri gulped, barely finding his own voice. “Yeah…”

“You haven’t bitten me back though.”

“I… it surprised me,” he whispered with a hoarse voice.

“Do it now then,” he demanded, staring at him with wide eyes. Yuuri took some calming breath as he didn’t want to become an instinct driven animal. Viktor tilted his neck, offering it openly but the alpha pulled out of him. “Yuuri…”

“Turn over.”

He had never seen Viktor following an order so fast before. When he was on his stomach, he pushed up his ass, spreading his legs even more, and Yuuri grabbed his hips tightly before pushing himself back in the tight heat. As the pain of the bite eased into a distant sting under his skin, he felt now how desperate he was for release and how hard it was to not behave like an animal, especially when Viktor made such voices of pleasure, moaning sometimes understandably like bite me, bite me, bite me. Yuuri leaned on him, pressing their torsos together, helping Viktor to raise himself a bit up so he could easily suck on the bonding spot at the meeting of his neck and shoulder. Viktor was softly whining, his body knowing what will happen in the next few minutes and alluring pheromones hit Yuuri’s senses. Now that he was freshly marked by Viktor he was a lot more sensitive to his omega’s scents.

“Stop teasing, Yuuri,” Viktor hissed, somehow grabbing a hand of Yuuri and bringing it to his shoulder.

Yuuri heard himself growling as Viktor thrusted back his hips to have more friction, and after a strong suck on the skin he bit down like he really meant it.

He had dreamed about this day and whenever they had sex in this position, he had to resist to not bite down on Viktor’s exposed neck. The alpha in him wanted to mark Viktor as his own since the day they were together as a pair. Yuuri deepened the bite till he tasted Viktor’s blood as he tried to stroke calmingly his mate’s skin under his fingertips because it must have hurt a lot. He couldn’t decide if Viktor mas moaning because of the pleasure or the pain and Yuuri completely stopped moving his hips as it was hard enough to hold the bite and not to come.

After a while Yuuri could feel Viktor stirring under the bite and for his surprise, he heard himself softly growling again like he said don’t move I’m not finished yet. Viktor gasped then patted his hand almost giggling.

“Yuuri, dear, I’m not going anywhere, you can let go,” Viktor said quietly and hoarsely. Yuuri did so, licking on the wound which began to bleed immediately then straightened himself, sitting back on his ankles so he could thrust in Viktor from a better angle with full strength. Viktor was almost embarrassingly loud but Yuuri didn’t care now. Yuuri came with the next thrust and he was feeling dizzy from the mixing strong pheromones as his knot finally locked them together. He flopped on Viktor’s back, panting and trembling from the new intense feelings. Viktor was in the very same condition, and Yuuri brought his hand to his heart to feel under his fingers how his omega’s heart was racing and how he was gasping for air. He buried his face between Viktor’s shoulder blades, pressing butterfly-like kisses on his skin. Viktor began purring.

Yuuri tried to move themselves a bit to lay on their sides but Viktor hissed in pain as he didn’t move along. “Just stay like that,” he said as he grabbed his hips with a twisted motion.

“I’ll crush you.”

“No, you won’t. I’m not made of porcelain.”

Yuuri fumbled till he found a blanket and pulled it on them. Viktor purred louder and the soft vibration soothed them both. There was really something healing in purring.

“You are bleeding a lot,” Yuuri whispered guiltily.

Viktor laughed. “You were pretty fierce about that bite.”

“Sorry,” Yuuri pressed kisses on his back. “It must have hurt a lot.”

“It’s alright, I wasn’t gentle either.”

They laid in silence and Yuuri felt himself dozing off with Viktor’s warm body under him.

“I’ve never heard you growling,” Viktor said.

Yuuri blushed. “I didn’t mean to, I don’t know what was coming over me.”

“It was sexy.”

Yuuri snorted in disbelieve. “I can’t believe you.”

Viktor pulled his hand to his lips, kissing each knuckles with affection.

“You’re mine now so you’re stuck with me.”

“I was already yours before that,” Yuuri nuzzled his neck and listened to Viktor’s contented purring and calm breathing before he dozed off again.

The next time he woke up his knot already went down, leaving them sticky and kind of disgusting from their earlier activities, and he heard Makkachin’s loud scratching and whining from the direction of the door. Viktor wasn’t purring anymore but he haven’t tried to move from under him. Yuuri turned to his side, patting Viktor’s shoulder.

“Oh, you’re finally awake,” Viktor blinked at him over his shoulder. “We need a shower.”

Yuuri nodded as he stood up and felt somehow mentally and physically exhausted from their bonding. He offered a hand to Viktor who could only raise carefully and slowly, and guilt rushed through Yuuri seeing the marks he left on Viktor in the heat of passion. The sheets were completely ruined too and he saw some blood on the pillows. Viktor’s neck was red, his scent gland swollen and covered with congealed blood and he winced when Yuuri touched it, almost surprised he could do something like that to Viktor. Now that Yuuri had moved he could feel a sharp sting too and he was sure he wasn’t looking less wrecked. Yuuri felt himself completely claimed. Viktor smiled at him satisfied and a bit smug like a contented cat when their eyes met.

They were a bonded pair now.

Yuuri felt happiness bubbling in him. He embraced Viktor’s waist as he helped him so he wouldn’t fall with his wobbly legs. As he opened the door Makkachin jumped on them, almost knocking them over and Viktor patted her head.

“Sorry, girl, you have to wait a bit.”

Yuuri helped his omega in the shower, sharing the tiny space in the cabin because he was a bit afraid that Viktor would fall alone. They got really carried away when they bonded and Yuuri tried to be gentler than ever as he washed out the wound. Viktor did the same to him and he gritted his teeth because it began to hurt and bleed again.

“We need to disinfect these.”

Viktor barely tolerated when he gently treated the bite mark. It wasn’t a pleasurable feeling for Yuuri either but they both managed to bandage each other properly. Somehow the whole bonding process took a lot of energy from them and after a while when Yuuri changed the sheets they found themselves in the bed again, laying on their right sides, Viktor cuddling Yuuri from behind as Yuuri scrolled on various web sides.

“This one says I will take a few days to heal depending on how strong the bite was.”

“Yours was pretty confident,” Viktor said as he kissed him behind his ear where the skin was free from the bandage. “I don’t know what stroke into you when you flipped me over but it was so sexy I had to submit to you.”

Yuuri’s face flushed deep red. He didn’t want Viktor submit to him like that, they were equals in their relationship and it didn’t matter who is the alpha and who is the omega. “It was like a fantasy to me to take you like that…”

“Oh,” Viktor sounded really interested and amused, and Yuuri already regretted telling him that. “Did you often fantasize of marking me?”

“You already know the answer,” he whispered flustered.

“Yeah, I do. I did it too. There isn’t many alphas who let their omega mark them, you know?”

“What? Why?” Yuuri turned a bit to look in Viktor’s icy-blue eyes, the wound twitching painfully.

“Some people think it’s the omegas job to carry the mark just like the children.”

“It’s so dumb. They don’t know what they are missing.”

“The wound on their neck or the pregnancy?”

Yuuri buried his face in his hands and Viktor laughed at his embarrassment, taking the dropped phone from the pillow beside Yuuri in his hands so he could continue scrolling through various forums about bonding.

“Hey, this one says we’ll have a lot more sex now that we are bonded, probably right after the act… I don’t know I don’t really feel up to it as I’m still so sore from earlier, what do you say, Yuuri?”

Yuuri didn’t say anything just took the phone back, hiding his face under the pillow, the question hanging unasked between them if they want someday children or not.


If Yuuri though Viktor embarrassed him after bonding he didn’t know there will be coming more. Like when the next day the wounds were still bleeding through the bandage and Viktor called Yakov, proudly and really smugly telling the old coach why they need a few more free days then he cuddled close to Yuuri with the last thick book he was reading, Makkachin laying by their feet.

Yuuri was sure he would never be able look in Yakov’s eyes again without blushing.

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