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Fluff, fluff és aztán korhatár. Meg korhatáros fluff. 

A fic címe pedig egyébként innen: Abba - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 

Saint Petersburg

They are sitting on the couch, enjoying each other’s company and the for now innocent touching as Yuuri dances his fingers on Viktor’s neck above his scent gland where the healing bond mark is. The mark is now slightly lighter that the rest of his skin but a few weeks ago when they bonded, it was as angry red and swollen just as Yuuri’s own mark from Viktor. They bit each other in the heat of the moment, after talking about it before a day or two that they do it when it feels right for both of them. Neither of them regretted it, although the wounds bled so hard, they had to take off two days that they could bandage it properly so it wouldn’t bleed through the bandage in the middle of training. Yakov wasn’t impressed when Viktor told him really pleased and proud the reason of their absence, and Yuuri knew it will be long that he could look in the coach’s eyes again without blushing.

Viktor was really amused at how confused their fans were as they noticed the bite marks both of them have on their necks. It wasn’t that unusual for an omega to give an alpha a bonding mark but most of the traditional alphas weren’t really glad when it happened. Yuuri wasn’t like that and gladly had Viktor’s mark on him.

Viktor nuzzles his neck, whining softly as Yuuri lets out some from his pheromones in the air to soothe him. It was a hard training day for both of them and Yuuri wonders if he is not too heavy in Viktor’s lap as they cuddle on the couch. Viktor likes having him in his lap, and he is a real cuddle monster for which is Yuuri really grateful. At the beginning of their relationship, Yuuri was worried he would be too clingy for Viktor. Now that he had the real Viktor Nikiforov completely for himself he didn’t want to let go off him but Viktor was thrilled with joy that he could hug Yuuri for hours as they watch television. He told him that all of his earlier partners said he is too clingy, even Chris. That eased a bit Yuuri’s jealousy towards Chris who have known Viktor for so long that they even shared their heats with each other.

Yuuri feels that Viktor is a bit stiff and uneasy so he pats his back carefully, in a hopefully soothing motion. He is the anxious one between them and it makes him worried when Viktor is like that. He remembers when earlier that day Viktor had a few nasty falls, maybe that’s the cause why he is so strange now.

Viktor reacts positively to the touch, and Yuuri takes his face between his hands. “Is everything alright?”

Viktor puts his hands on Yuuri’s. “I’m just wondering… would you spend my heat with me if I’ve had one?”

Yuuri inhales sharply, excited and a bit afraid at the same time.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want it, I’m just asking. Because now I have time to go off from suppressants and delaying it wouldn’t be a good idea, it’s not really healthy to take them longer than a year in a row… If you don’t want to then you should probably go to Yakov’s or Mila’s place before I’m trying to seduce you again like in Hasetsu.”

“You were trying to seduce me?”

“Yeah? I thought it was pretty obvious. I even invited you in my nest!”

Sometimes Yuuri doesn’t understand how he can still blush so hard after that they are in a relationship for months.

“So… now you’re invited again. If you’re interested.”

“Yes,” he blurts out quickly, a bit louder than needed, hugging Viktor’s shoulder tightly. Viktor squeezes him back, and in his chest there is a soft purring which makes Yuuri happy and content. “When does it begin?”

Viktor furrows his brows. “If I go off from suppressants tomorrow… it should be sometime next week. Usually it takes a day for the medicine to clear out of my system then pre-heat, maybe that would be shorter with you around.”

Yuuri nods, clinging on Viktor.

“If you have any questions, ask.”

“Um… okay? First I have to process you want to share your heat with me.”

Viktor laughs quietly, wrestling Yuuri under him on the couch.

It’s like a dream – living with Viktor, training in Saint Petersburg, the city he saw on so many pictures from Viktor as he stalked almost religiously his carrier, walking together Viktor’s dog who is practically now his too although she could never replace Vicchan. Makkachin is completely an other character, still caring, lovely and smart but she is not Vicchan and Yuuri wouldn’t want her to be Vicchan.

After a while they stand up to stretch and to take Makkachin for a walk. Viktor takes Yuuri’s hand, stroking it with his thumb as they are wandering on Saint Petersburg’s old streets. Everything is like a fairy tale and although Yuuri misses his home, they made so many beautiful memories here, that he fell in love with the city and its old stories too.

As they are back in the apartment, and Makkachin is free from her collar and leash, Viktor presses his body to Yuuri, kissing him behind his ear, whispering him.

“Hey… pre-heat will kill my libido so make love to me?”

Yuuri smiles at him sweetly, wrapping his arms around Viktor’s waist. “I’d love to.”

After sex, Yuuri always feels like he’s in heaven, with Viktor’s limbs around him. They both enjoy cuddling after sex when they are already cleaned but still naked and Viktor likes to be petted even on his hair which is so silky and soft between Yuuri’s fingers that he is afraid of pulling it.

“What is heat sex like?” he asks quietly, almost hoping Viktor wouldn’t hear it.

“Nothing like in porn,” Viktor answers simply. “Omegas are mostly lucid during it, at least for me. It’s not like we couldn’t say no… We need the strength to kick out unwanted mates out of our nest. But it’s nice to have someone who you trust and takes care of you.”

“How many heat partners did you have?”

Viktor counts on his fingers, knitting his brows. “You are the fourth.”

“That answer took long.”

“I counted how many heats I shared with somebody.”

“And?” Yuuri can’t stop himself asking, he is too curious and wants to know who his competitors are so he could be the best partner Viktor ever had.


“Only six?”

“If you are famous most of the people want to have sex with you because of it. It was hard to find a suitable partner who would be interested in me even after my teenage years so I spent it rather alone. Though the last one I shared was with Chris when I was 24.”

Yuuri tries to control that his smell turns bitter for jealousy but it gives him away anyway.

“No need to be jealous it was a disaster. Never trust porn that it’s a good idea for two omegas to share their heat.”

“What happened?” Yuuri whispers.

“Neither of us was satisfied, and I had a headache for the whole time from his pheromones mixing with mine. I helped him a year before that but then it wasn’t a problem because only he was in heat. After that we couldn’t even have regular sex, somehow our bodies rejected each other, so after a while we gave up on be friends with benefits. But it was long before I met you so no need to worry, I wouldn’t give up on you for anything.”

Yuuri feels almost guilty how satisfied he is now that Viktor and Chris are not compatible, but it rises an other worry in him.

“What if that happens to us too?”

Viktor looks at him so offended that he regrets asking it. “It won’t happen. I wanted you even when we haven’t been together yet, and I assume there would have been a problem when we bonded if we wouldn’t be compatible.”

Yuuri hums. “You’re probably right… but you would tell me If my pheromones gave you a headache, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course but that won’t happen.”

Yuuri giggles, turning above Viktor, staring at him affectionately. “If you say so.”

They are kissing again and Yuuri feels himself hardening, his erection pressing to Viktor’s stomach as he ruts lazily into him while Viktor grabs his bottom, moaning.

“I hope you’ll have this enthusiasm when I’m in heat too.”

“Of course, if it’s you,” Yuuri whispers in his mouth. “I want to ride you.”

Viktor squeezes his thighs right under is butt, moaning on Yuuri’s lips. He needs this feeling that he is not only an omega in the relationship but a man too and fortunately he has Yuuri who understands him and respects his choices.


Yuuri doesn’t notice the change immediately. He is used to Viktor’s scent and the sweetness creeps in it slowly. Their clothes are mixing too as they live together and it’s not strange at all when he can’t find his favourite t-shirt because both of them hate doing the laundry and usually wait to do it until it is necessary.

But now Yuuri finds only Viktor’s t-shirts and most of them has a really bright colour. He sighs, searching for something less flashy. He has to go to practice if he doesn’t want to be yelled at from Yakov which haven’t happened yet and Yuuri would prefer if it stayed that way. He hates to get yelled at but that’s something he has to get used to. Actually Yuuri thinks Yakov has no other volume than yelling just like the other Russians in the rink.

Yuuri puts on Viktor’s mauve t-shirt, and hopes it’s not so noticeable that it is slightly big on him. Maybe if he doesn’t take his jacket off…

Well, first he has to find the jacket.

“Viktor, have you seen my jacket?”

“Which one?” he hears Viktor yelling from the bathroom.

“Team Japan.”

He hears some swearing then Viktor comes out with it, slightly blushing and smiles when he notices his t-shirt on him.

“I like this colour on you,” he says, hugging him. “And my clothes on you too.”

“So that’s why I can’t find anything now?”

“Um. Maybe?”

“Do you feel alright? Cramps again?”


Yuuri pulls him closer, releasing some soothing pheromones. “I don’t like that you are in pain.”

“I have dealt with it earlier too,” Viktor shrugs, as Yuuri rubs his lower back.

“Then I’m assuming you are staying home.”

“Maybe I’ll come later. I have to talk with Yakov. It would be great if he could take care of Makkachin while we deal with my heat.”

“Okay,” Yuuri says, taking Viktor’s face between his hands. “Can you please do the laundry if you feel better? I have literally nothing to wear.”

Viktor kisses his mouth. “I’ll try.”

“No, really.”

“Of course.”

Yuuri doesn’t want to let him go but the clock on the wall remembers him that he has to leave if he wants to be in the rink on time. He draws away from Viktor but he catches his wrist, pulling it to his scent gland and rubbing it on it.

“Let me scent you.”

Yuuri blushes – usually he wouldn’t let it before practicing he is far to reserved for that but maybe that would make Viktor feel better…

Viktor scents him with a smug smile on his lips, and when he’s done he kisses Yuuri’s lips. “Now can’t steal any other younger omega from me.”

“Viktor!” he says scandalized but Viktor doesn’t listens just rushes back in the bathroom, giggling. If Yuuri wouldn’t have a training to be at, he would probably chase him through the apartment but that have to wait.


“Why are you wearing the old man’s clothes?” Yuri asks in the lunch break and Mila gasps.

“I knew something was strange on you but I couldn’t figure it out!”

“Everything is in the laundry and…” Yuuri explains and that’s the moment Viktor choices to walk in and hug Yuuri’s shoulder from behind.

“He is so beautiful in mauve, isn’t he?”

Mila’s eyes widen then she begins to giggle. “Oh my God, Viktor is in pre-heat. That will be fun.”

“How do you know?”

“Because he’s disgusting,” Yuri grumbles.

“He is always like that. Stealing everyone’s clothes especially from who he likes,” Mila says mischievously.

“I remember that time when he had a crush on that guy from the hockey team…” Georgi adds as he sits beside them with his sandwich. “He stalked the poor guy so long and sneaked in the locker room and took his whole gear…”

“What? You did that?” Yuuri can’t help himself as he tries to fight back a laughter. “Why, that thing stinks…”

“I wanted him to notice me!” Viktor defences himself. “And I was 15.”

Yuri spits the water he’s drinking. “I don’t want to know.”

“And did it work?”

“Yeah, he couldn’t skate without his skates.”

Otabek – who spends a part of his summer in Saint Petersburg officially to practice his Russian and to train under Yakov, practically because of Yuri – arrives to the table and Viktor hisses at him. It is something what probably just Yuuri could hear and he squeezes his arm.

He has never heard Viktor hissing before.

Otabek rises his brows then sits down next to Yuri, handing him the blonde’s phone. “You left this on the bench.”

Yuri doesn’t seem to be so grumpy for a moment.

“Tell Yuuri what he did after that, Zhora!” Mila says cheerfully, and Yuuri has to think about who is that – Russian nicknames are still a bit hard for him especially if it’s something so different from the full first name.

“Isn’t that story already boring?” Viktor groans behind Yuuri’s shoulder.

“Never,” Mila grins.

“He built a nest. From the gear. In the middle of our locker room,” Georgi tells almost laughing.

“I hate you all,” Viktor sights dramatically. “I don’t even know you.”

“Thanks God,” Yuri groans. “Go home, your stink irritates me.”

“Rude,” Viktor whines. “Yuuri, say him I don’t stink.”

“Of course you don’t stink, Viktor.”

Yuuri wouldn’t tell him but he is glad when the others don’t like Viktor’s scent even if he knows Viktor is not interested in them. Viktor pecks his cheek which makes Yuuri blush then straightens himself up and waves to the others.

“You are lucky, Yurio, because I have to go to speak with Yakov.”

“Finally,” Yuri mumbles. “Beka, promise me you’ll never be like that.”

“Aw, Yurio,” Mila giggles in is hands. “Maybe after a few years you’ll like that.”

“And you,” he points at Yuuri, ignoring Mila’s comment.” Don’t you dare to knock him up before I crush you both on the ice or I’ll kill you and Viktor too.”

Yuuri starts from his chair, blushing. “This conversation here is over,” and he rushes after Viktor who has already gone to Yakov’s office.


Viktor leaves the rink after he spoke with Yakov, charging the older man with Yuuri’s coaching as long as he is not able to be in the rink. Yuuri is a bit lonely, the others speak with each other Russian and his knowledge of the language is still not enough to understand jokes. Sometimes they tease him a bit playfully, and Yuuri feels himself a bit like in highschool again.

Finally, Yakov allows him to go home earlier because he did well that day and he has enough yelling to do with his own students. Normally, Yuuri would beg for more practice (because this is not Hasetsu where he can have even the keys to the rink) but now he is a bit worried about Viktor and he misses him so he rushes home.

As he opens the door there is only Makkachin to great him and he pets her, talking in quiet Japanese. Still no sign of Viktor. Maybe he is asleep – Yuuri have read that omegas in pre-heat tend to sleep more and Viktor did that in Hasetsu too. He goes to the bathroom, wondering if he should do some food now or there’s still enough leftovers from yesterday for both of them.

The laundry is nowhere to be seen and the washer is completely empty and there aren’t any wet clothes hanging anywhere. He turns around to search for Viktor but he is already standing in the door with his arms raised in the air, making a hilarious expression.

“Hi, Viktor,” he smiles at him.

“Yuuri! That’s not fair I wanted to scare you!” he pouts.

“Oh. Sorry?” he tries as Viktor lets down his arms. “Come here I missed you.”

Viktor throws himself in his arms, pressing his cold nose in Yuuri’s neck, purring happily.

“I missed you too. Did the training go well?”

“Yeah, Yakov figured out that the yelling method doesn’t work well with me, and he said my quad flip has improved.”

“Wow, I didn’t thought he is capable of praising. We should throw him a party.”

Yuuri giggles and presses with his index finger to Viktor’s nose. “How is this part of you so cold?”

“Kiss it and then it won’t be cold.”

Yuuri does so, standing on the tip of his toes and when he had warmed Viktor’s nose enough with his lips, who is giggling the whole time, Yuuri asks the most important question of the day. “Did you do the laundry? I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

Viktor makes a strange noise, moving towards the bedroom.

“Or is it on the balcony?” Yuuri wonders because in the last few day was warm enough to let the things dry on the fresh air.

Viktor seems somehow very pale at the moment.

“In the bedroom? I can get it if you don’t feel well, I didn’t wanted to push you…” he wants to go to open the door but Viktor catches his wrist, squeezing it a bit. And now Yuuri feels like he understands what’s going on.

“Oh… I won’t get angry if you haven’t done it yet,” he promises and Viktor gulps.

“Don’t go there it’s not… not ready yet.”

“Okay?” he says a bit confused.

“Go, sit down, I’ll call you.”

Yuuri goes to the couch as Viktor vanishes behind the door of their bedroom. Makkachin approaches him and lays her head on his lap, hoping for some attention. Yuuri pets her behind her ears where she likes it.

Viktor’s pre-heat behaviour is strange for him and Yuuri doesn’t know how to handle it because he have had only Yuuko as an omega friend. What if Viktor doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed with him now? Yuuri is so spoiled, sleeping always next to him, in his arms but maybe Viktor thinks now that his libido is practically non-existent – although it’s usually Viktor who can’t or doesn’t want to control himself – it’s better if they sleep apart or he is tired of Yuuri’s pheromones and…

It will be hard but Yuuri can sleep on the couch if it’s better for Viktor.

“Viktor?” he calls out.

“Almost done, sweetie.”

“Do you want me to sleep on the couch?”

“What? No, why?” Viktor sounds completely shocked and hurt. “No, you are sleeping with me… unless my behaviour is disturbing for you.”

“No, I don’t want to sleep alone,” he sighs relieved.

“You can come in.”

Yuuri rushes to the bedroom and pushes the door open and his jaw drops. Their bed is really strange now: he didn’t know it can look so big and that it has so many pillows that are placed somehow in a circle on the edges. There are a lot blankets too, creating somehow a woven frame around Viktor who sits in the middle. As Viktor waves to him, smiling, Yuuri notices his missing clothes between the pillows and blankets. Yuuri doesn’t know how to react or how to express the warm feelings in his chest.

“It looks… cosy?” he tries.

“That’s good it is supposed to,” Viktor shines, reaching for his hand. “Join me.”

Yuuri takes his hand, climbing in the nest slowly and carefully that he doesn’t destroy anything. Viktor pulls him close, between his legs, pressing his nose again to Yuuri’s scent gland. Yuuri is glad he took a shower already at the rink because he doesn’t want to move ever now that he is in the arms of the man he have missed all day. Viktor lays back, pulling him so that Yuuri is covering him. Viktor’s sweet scent hits him harder and he feels a bit aroused. Viktor giggles, stroking his back up and down but angling his hip so that their groins are not pressing together.

“Sorry I don’t want to have sex today… but we can cuddle?”

Yuuri knows that he means it and actually he doesn’t counted with sex today even if his body betrays him. “That’s fine,” he says blushing, trying to dismiss his erection so that he doesn’t seem like a pushy alpha. But it doesn’t look like Viktor is offended when he hugs him harder and licks on his bonding mark. Like an instinct, Yuuri releases his pheromones, which makes Viktor purr and he finds himself purring too. He was somehow never the growling type of alpha and Viktor doesn’t mind it.

“Do you like this nest better than the one I made you in Hasetsu?”

“Yeah, I do because we are alone here.”

“I’m so happy that I’m with you,” Viktor says dreamily.

“I love you,” Yuuri blurts out, squeezing Viktor’s waist, hovering over him so that the omega can’t see or feel anything but him.

After a while he changes his position because he doesn’t want to crush Viktor. Viktor whimpers and throws his legs over his thighs as they lay on their sides. And then Yuuri notices something woven in the blanket wall that he doesn’t want to belong to their nest.

“Viktor… why are my underpants in our nest?”

Viktor blinks innocently. “I have no idea what are you talking about.”


“It smells like you!” he whines. “I was the whole day alone, without you what was I supposed to do?”

“Call me?”

“I didn’t wanted to bother you.”

“Viktor, that can’t stay here it’s disgusting,” Yuuri moves to remove the dirty clothes and he has to wrestle Viktor to be able to toss the unwanted pieces out of the nest, and then he has to soothe Viktor because he almost begins to cry as he thinks he doesn’t like the nest he made. Somehow they manage to come to an agreement that only sweaters and t-shirts can stay there.

“I’ll be here and it will smell like us anyway,” he says after that but Viktor punishes him with silence for a while. Viktor calms down when Yuuri gives him the t-shirt in which he came home and Viktor tilts his neck to the side so Yuuri can nibble lightly on the bonding mark to make him feel wanted.

The next day, Viktor still insists that he wears Viktor’s clothes and steals his Team Japan jacket. Yuuri grabs an old elongated sweater from his Detroit days which is way too big for him. Viktor takes that too in the end of the day, wearing it proudly with a smug grin on his face although it’s almost small for him, and Yuuri is slowly on the edge from his pheromones that are flooding the apartment and gives in, calling the rink that he can’t come to practice either. Yakov practically banned Viktor from visiting the rink after he heard that Viktor hisses at all of the omegas who come too near to Yuuri.

Eventually he gives up on his own clothes and runs around in the apartment in towels and robes which end up in their nest in the end too. Fortunately that time Yakov has already taken the very confused Makkachin (who doesn’t really understands what’s going on with her owners) to his and Lilia’s place.




Viktor doesn’t answer with words, his octopus-like hug getting tighter as he clings on Yuuri. Everything is warm and cosy and sweet, and they are sleeping naked for days as they are waiting for Viktor’s heat to hit. Now Yuuri understands a bit why Viktor likes to sleep without clothes on, the soft fabric of the bedding feels like heaven on his skin.

“Is it beginning?” he whispers, drawing teasing paths with his fingers on his back and waist.

“No. But do we have ice-cream?”

Yuuri furrows his brows, remembering their last shopping from two days ago. No, they don’t have any, because they were arguing a bit about it in the middle of the shop whether they should buy it now or later. For Viktor, it was too hot outside to carry ice-cream home, even if the walk is only 15-20 minutes, and it would melt and it simply wouldn’t taste the same anymore. And Yuuri have already known then he would be the one who goes to buy it in the last minute in the middle of the night when Viktor remembers and is craving for it.

“Do you want some?”

Viktor nods, smiling but never hugging Yuuri any less.

“You have to let me go then.”

“No, you are not leaving our nest,” Viktor hisses practically, squeezing Yuuri without mercy. Although it is really strange and was a bit terrifying in the beginning how even more clingier Viktor got in pre-heat, it is still amusing and charming and Yuuri wouldn’t give this feeling away for anything.

“I’m coming back, you know that, don’t you?”

Viktor still doesn’t want to let him go and Yuuri sighs dramatically, just like he have learnt it from Viktor.

“Okay, then you won’t have any ice cream.”

Viktor has to admit it is a valid argument and lets him go as long as Yuuri promises he will be quick.

There aren’t many people on the streets in this hour of the night, so fortunately it’s not so disturbing that he practically stinks from almost-in-heat-omega pheromones. What for him is alluring, that is usually unattractive for others, especially after they bonded and Viktor wants to attract only him. He ignores his embarrassment and concentrates on the task he has, finding ice-cream for Viktor in the dead of night in Saint Petersburg. At least it’s still (or already) sunny outside because of the bright northern summer which is still one of the strangest and most beautiful thing he have ever seen. In the beginning, he was a bit worried that he won’t sleep in the bright nights but usually it is either cloudy or he is too tired to care about the shining sun in the horizon.

Fortunately, he finds in the first closest shop vanilla ice-cream which he hates but Viktor doesn’t mind and it is not really about the flavour – it’s about it’s cold. He pays quickly and tries to shorten the way to home by running. He is slightly out of breath as he arrives, muddling with his keys and he could swear he can smell Viktor.

Of course his heat has to start when he is away for half an hour. Maybe he is asleep; he said it earlier that he tends to sleep through the first wave…

As quiet as he can, he opens the door, slipping in the mostly dark apartment. The reading lamp at the couch is still shining though so he can see where he steps when he comes to the kitchen for some food. He begins to unpack the groceries when he feels Viktor’s strong arms wrapping around his middle and his sweet, alluring smell.

“Tell me why you aren’t in my nest already?” His voice sounds dangerous and irresistible, weakening Yuuri’s knees. His mouth is dry as he answers.

“You wanted ice-cream.”

“No, I want you. I’ve always wanted you,” he protests, pressing himself to Yuuri’s body, his erection is hard against his spine. And thinking is really hard now, too.

“Just a minute, Viktor, I put this in the…”

“I have a better idea” He is almost purring and Yuuri gulps because Viktor reaches into his pants and grabs his cock. “You put this in me.”

Yuuri is close to drop everything and to take Viktor immediately there but then he takes a deep breath, and for Viktor’s disappointment he puts everything in its place so nothing goes bad while they are occupied. They had a plan which includes comfort and the bed with their nest. Viktor nuzzles his neck, panting in his shoulder, and when Yuuri finally shuts the door of the fridge, he sucks on his scent gland and Yuuri gaps, clinging on Viktor’s forearm for support. He turns around in the tight embrace and Viktor simply hops up, entwining his legs around his waist. Yuuri have to grab him by the butt to be able to catch him and they still almost fall on the ground.

“I can’t believe I had to seduce you from the fridge.”

“Well, the fridge was a really hard competitor…” Yuuri turns his eyes. “But I was already seduced before I’ve met it… oh.” He realizes now, squeezing Viktor’s bottom how wet his omega is and Yuuri blushes deep, gripping him harder so he doesn’t fall. “Oh my God.”

Viktor grins then kisses him hard, and Yuuri stumbles to their nest, practically throwing him into it before he climbs in too.

There is no time to get anxious because Viktor is already loosing himself in the heat haze. Although he have read about this, it is completely different to experience it live as Viktor turns to his stomach to give him better access. Yuuri fumbles for the lube, forgetting they don’t really need it this time. Apparently, Viktor is tired of waiting because he turns back, grips him and snatches off his clothes impatiently, and Yuuri has never seen him like this before. He have been eager but never this wild which is definitely a turn on for Yuuri.

“Wait, wait,” he pants, already having Viktor in his lap although he has some problem with Yuuri’s pants which doesn’t want to come off because Yuuri haven’t lifted his butt yet.


“I already did it.” Viktor grips his hand and brings it to his wet entrance. “See?” His voice is deep and low and needy and maybe a bit annoyed too. He have waited long enough and then there is Yuuri who wants to be gentle now although his heat is definitely not gentle on Viktor. Now he doesn’t want gentleness just that the animalistic, needy part of the heat passes which happens only when Yuuri is able to satisfy him.

The satisfying part should be easy with his stamina.

Yuuri slips in easily without resistance, barely being able to hold himself back in the tight wet heat of Viktor’s body, and Viktor sighs with content when he is in. The sex have never felt like this before and normally they would use condom but Viktor said it’s not really working in heat and would just slow them down and contraceptives are working fine so there is no risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Viktor moves beneath him impatient, whimpering something in Russian and Yuuri doesn’t understands it completely but he is pretty sure from the needy voices it is something about him fucking Viktor into the mattress. Yuuri understands this word very well so he forgets about the heat horror stories from the internet when the partners’ scents weren’t compatible with each other or the alpha got so carried away that he beat the head of his mate in the bedframe and then…

No, Yuuri is focusing now on Viktor and his voices of pleasure under him as he moves and angles his hips just in the right way, coming embarrassingly fast for his stamina. But he doesn’t even have to touch his mate for release, he have already came, purring happily and contently underneath him, Yuuri’s knot locking them together.

Yuuri doesn’t even remember when did his knot began to form because he was so intoxicated from Viktor’s heat pheromones and begging, not that he is complaining. He tries to soothe Viktor, stroking his back and hair so he doesn’t wriggle too much with Yuuri’s knot locking them together and he doesn’t hurt himself. The heat has its own benefits like they doesn’t have to worry too much if Viktor is enough loose for a knot.

The first few waves go like this and it’s the first time he hears Viktor purring so long and loud. It’s a good feeling and makes Yuuri happy but he is really glad when Viktor is finally asleep and he has a chance to sneak out to clean himself, eat and recover. Even with his good stamina it’s hard to keep up with Viktor’s heat and eagerness.

He warms up the dinner from yesterday from which Viktor didn’t eat anything because his whole biology messes with his body. Yuuri chews without focusing on the flavour of the food. If he is lucky he can have some private moments before he goes back to take care of Viktor.

He goes by the bedroom, hearing Viktor’s loud snoring and he should be asleep for an hour before the next wave hits if Yuuri is right. That should be enough for Yuuri to make some fluid food for Viktor too and to clean him up properly. He finds himself very disgusting without the pheromones clouding his mind, covered in various body fluids.

But then when he is finally in the bathroom under the shower, he hears loud and desperate knocking on the door and as he opens it there is Viktor with huge pupils, panting a bit but looking relieved.

“I woke up and you were gone.”

And that’s what Yuuri needs for panicking because he didn’t ask for permission to leave the nest, and now Viktor thinks he is a bad alpha and he definitely regrets sharing his life, his dog, his apartment and his heat with him and maybe makes him leave…

“Sorry, Viktor,” he blurts out. “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to…” but he is cut off with Viktor stumbling in his arms, legs shaking and he is covered in his own slick and come because it was hard to clean him up properly when he was so unstable he wanted to have sex every time he touched him.

Viktor embraces him tightly, shaking a bit, and Yuuri feels himself really really guilty.

“I thought you left,” Viktor mutters in his sweaty hair. “Although I know you wouldn’t but…”


“No problem just say it next time.”

And Yuuri’s heart is fluttering because Viktor means there will be a next time when he could do everything right even if it will be really hard leaving the nest when Viktor is awake.

He sniffs the air but Viktor now seems to be cleaner from pheromones – maybe the time between the heat waves is longer now.

“How are you feeling?”

“Great! Maybe a bit sore but don’t worry it’s natural,” he winks, making Yuuri blush. Now he is just like his normal self.

“Do you want to shower?”

“If you help me,” it sounds a bit like a question so Yuuri practically carries him to the cabin because Viktor’s legs don’t really work right now and he wonders how did he even managed to come to the bathroom. He helps him to rinse off as he realizes they are both purring.

“Do you feel good enough for a bath?”

Viktor nods, his eyes shining bright. “Yeah.”

Yuuri wraps him in fluffy towels to keep him warm as he runs him a bath and makes him some fruit juice so he has something in his stomach.

Viktor loves when Yuuri is pampering him and gives him all his attention so Yuuri helps him in the water and washes his back. Viktor closes his eyes, sighing happily but something is missing. Yuuri is rushing between the rooms, leaving him alone for too long, probably changing the ruined bed sheets. Viktor can say he is trying really hard to be a good mate but he wants him to rest too.

“Yuuri, why aren’t we bathing together?”

Yuuri stops immediately, in the middle of carrying some dirty clothes to the washer. “Do you want to?”

Viktor holds out his arms to him, making him more than enough place in the bathtub. “Come here, relax.”

He takes Viktor’s hand, climbing in the water which would be for Viktor normally too hot. They are sitting face to face and he is practically between his legs again like in most of the last hours. He pats his red knees and tries not to blush too much as he remembers why they are so red. They have had sex for months now so he shouldn’t be embarrassed so easily because of the dirtier and animalistic heat sex. They trust and love each other it is fine if they see each other in such a vulnerable state.

Viktor notices the redness of his face and laces their fingers together, stroking his hand with his thumb.

“Do you feel alright?”

“What? Why?” Yuuri should be asking this. After all he’s not the one in heat.

“I know I tend to be really possessive and say things I shouldn’t and wouldn’t normally… so you are allowed to leave the nest if it is too much,” he says although his eyes seem to be sad, and Yuuri feels himself guilty again because this must have been what it was looking like when Viktor woke up and Yuuri wasn’t in the nest anymore: him running away, leaving Viktor behind. He squeezes his hand then pulls it closer, pressing an affectional kiss on his fingers.

“Actually in the end you have to kick me out of the nest, I think.”

Viktor giggles. “I wouldn’t do that so we’ll sleep in that nest forever.” He climbs in his lap as Yuuri stares at him with wide eyes, stunned. His hands slip on Viktor’s waist to support him in the slippery environment. Viktor begins to kiss and straddle him, pressing their bodies together as arousal is filling the air. Yuuri doesn’t resist it’s a change to see Viktor’s face again but wonders if it’s a wise decision to ride out the next heat wave here in the bathtub.

Viktor is already kissing his neck, nibbling at his scent gland when he is able to phrase his worries.

“Viktor… we should go back in the nest if it’s a new wave.”

“It isn’t. I want you without it.” He sucks on his bond mark without warning and Yuuri moans loud, forgetting all his worries.

He kisses Viktor hard and breath-taking as he grabs at his bottom, easily pushing his fingers in him. Viktor groans impatiently, snatching away his hand and angling his hips so he can sit down on Yuuri’s cock. Again without warning. Yuuri gasps for air, taking Viktor’s face between his hands.

“Are you alright? Stretched enough?”

Viktor hums. “I have had your dick and knot in me for hours and now you’re asking. I can’t believe you.”

“I just want to make you feel good.”

“Then kiss me, I want to make love to you without the heat.”

Yuuri melts at his words because he wanted the same but didn’t dare to ask for because now they have had so much sex like for a month. He holds Viktor close, stroking and petting him while they kiss gently. Yuuri doesn’t really have place to move and knows his back will hate him after that but it feels so good now.

“Hey, knot me.”

Yuuri forgets for a minute how to breath. “Here?”

“Yeah. You’re tired too it shouldn’t last so long. So please, I want it.”

Yuuri smiles at him warmly then nuzzles his neck to breath in more from his sweet scent. “Okay, if you say so.”

“You’re so sweet I love you,” Viktor whispers in his ear as he begins to move faster, chasing the release of both of them while the water is splashing out of the tub, soaking the mat on the floor. Yuuri thrusts his hips up as he feels his orgasm sneaking closer, Viktor clenches around him and Yuuri comes with a moan, with Viktor purring in his ears, pressing himself so close he feels his heartbeat on his skin. Viktor stops riding him as Yuuri’s knot expands, locking them together. Yuuri pecks his cheek lovingly before he sinks his head on his shoulder. Viktor is so warm and loving and caring and…

… and suddenly the low purring of Viktor stops, and before Yuuri can think about what he did wrong, he feels his mate’s body stiffen then Viktor tries to stumble from him, painfully tugging on his knot, scarring Yuuri too and an old and deep burden instinct rises to protect his omega… and his knot goes down, letting go of Viktor who falls backwards from the sudden freedom. Yuuri growls and turns around to see who the invader was, who disturbed the privacy of their mating. Without his glasses he doesn’t see much so he growls louder, hopefully scarring away the attacker. Viktor grabs his shoulder and points to the brim of the tub. Yuuri narrows his eyes then he sees it.

There is a little black spider sitting on the brim, and for a minute Yuuri wants to crush it for making Viktor scared but his omega clings on his shoulder and pulls him back.

“Don’t do it, it brings bad luck.”

Yuuri leans back in his arms and suddenly the whole situation hits him: Viktor is scared of a little, mostly innocent spider which sent Yuuri panicking so much that his knot went down. Embarrassment hits him hard and he buries his face in his hands.

“I can’t believe this,” he whispers as Viktor pats his head to comfort him.

“It can happen to anyone, come on.”

Yuuri is still stiff in Viktor’s arms. “It’s the most embarrassing thing ever happened to me…”

“It was adorable,” Viktor hugs him from behind tighter, pecking his neck. “You were trying to protect me, I’m so touched.”

Yuuri closes his eyes, breathing in Viktor’s calming pheromones. “I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Let’s go back to the nest.”

“With pleasure,” Viktor says brightly but he groans from the unpleasant feeling as he tries to stand up. “Um… help me?”

Yuuri picks him up from the tub then dries him up and carries him to the bedroom where Viktor shudders from the cold. He lays him gently on the bed and rushes to the window. “Sorry, I forgot to close it.”

Viktor pulls a cover over himself from the wall of the nest and stares him as long as he climbs in the nest too, giggling because Viktor looks funny completely wrapped in blankets.

“I wanted to share it with you but I’m not so sure anymore.”

Yuuri strokes his face, caressing him behind the ear where his hairline begins. “Fine.”

“So you are okay with it that your omega wants to nap alone?” he sounds so insulted that Yuuri has to laugh and Viktor sulks, rolling on him, pinning him down in the mattress. Yuuri embraces him, kissing his cheek, hoping for forgiveness. Eventually, Viktor shares his blanket and body heat with him. Neither of them wants to have sex right now, they are still recovering from the shock in the bathroom.

In the end, Viktor’s heat lasts for three and a half day, constantly telling Yuuri how great and patient he is for taking care of him.


The apartment is not so quiet now that Viktor’s heat is gone and he is recovering from it. There is always some music playing or a show running on the television because Viktor doesn’t have many things to do now except to wait for his body to recover.

Yuuri hears Viktor speaking French as he opens the door with Makkachin’s leash in his hand. The dog’s excited to see her owner after a week, tugging impatiently on the leash, but Yuuri doesn’t want to let her go yet because she might jump on Viktor in excitement, causing him pain. So they approach the couch slowly and Viktor’s eyes shines for joy as he sees them, spreading his arms for the dog. Yuuri lets go of her and Makkachin jumps on Viktor, licking his face. Viktor laughs and his phone falls on the floor. On the other side of the line, Chris makes an unimpressed noise.

“Hi, Chris,” Yuuri greats him after he picked up the phone from the floor. “They haven’t seen each other for a week, sorry.”

“Yuuri! Viktor just told me how amazing heat he had. Please call me if you need a younger and fitter omega, I…”

Yuuri turns red, letting the phone fall out of his grip and tries to run away in the kitchen, but Viktor grabs him, pulling him close, growling playfully at Chris. “He is mine, find your own Yuuri.”

Chris laughs, assuring Viktor he was joking as Viktor lets go of Yuuri and then they’re speaking French again so Yuuri has a chance to go to the kitchen and start preparing dinner after placing the phone on the table beside the earlier forgotten ice-cream Viktor’s eating. Makkachin stays with Viktor, cuddling him on the couch. Viktor laughs loudly and there are some international words Yuuri understands which makes him wonder what they are talking about.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’ve just told him about our little adventure in the bathroom with the spider.”

Yuuri curses and blushes from embarrassment. “You promised you won’t tell anybody!”

“Sorry, I forgot,” Viktor winks innocently. “I was too curious if Chris have ever seen something like that.”

Yuuri buries his face in his hands, not hearing the answer of the other omega. But maybe it’s better so.


So the story of the fic is the following: we did some research about how could we translate the typical omegaverse phrases in Hungarian, and Celdria read a lot about reproduction of wolves and dogs and then she found this fact that the knot can go down if the male gets scared so he can protect themselves. I've never read before a fic where this happened so I had to write it. Originally I wanted to write a parody but then dear Viktor and Yuuri decided they want to cuddle a lot and I went along them because I love to write fluff.
According to Google Zhora is the diminutive of Georgi but I don't speak Russian... I just thought it sounds really cute and wanted to use it.

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